Outreach and Screening Awareness Campaigns

Ntandile Lilongwe:

In collaboration with Rotary Club Lilongwe, we sensitized the youth, men and women on the importance of early detection of cancer and the preventative means which included Government's introduction of HPV Vaccine to 9 year old girls from January 2019. We further encouraged girls to delay their sexual debut to reduce the risk of contracting HPV. 

Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Dowa. 

In collaboration with GHC Alumni, we sensitized the community of Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Dowa District on the importance of early detection of cancer and will make a follow up visit for screening. We also trained girls on how to examine their breasts on their own as this helps to notice changes in their breasts early.

UNFPA funded campaign in collaboration with Government

We sensitized communities in Mangochi, Mchinji and Dedza Districts on the importance of early detection of reproductive cancers, links between Gender based Violence & reproductive cancers and the Introduction of HPV Vaccine to girls aged 9 by Malawi Government from January, 2019. A total of 600 women registered for cervical cancer screening following the awareness campaign. 63 suspicious cases were found and 8 women were referred for thermal coagulation. 3 women are on chemotherapy treatment and recovering well.

Importance of early detection or reproductive cancers

Thank you Rotary Club Lilongwe for giving us a platform to educate Ntandile community on the importance of early detection of reproductive cancers. LightHouse Trust team screened 64 women for cervical cancer, only 1 positive case found and 2 cervicitis cases detected. 66 women had free breast examinations.

Step up for cancer Campaigns #stepUp2018

Hope for Cancer Foundation organized Malawi’s first “Step up to the challenge” within the world cancer commemoration Month in February – where people of all walks of life came together and learnt about Cancer and the importance of early detection of the disease. 3 more Step up for Cancer Aerobic sessions took place in Lilongwe and Blantyre led by the Malawi Defence Force. A total of 4000 attended the aerobic session 167 women had breast examinations, 141 women had cervical cancer screening (pap smears) done and 21 suspicious cases were found. 10 received thermal coagulation and 11 were referred to the main hospitals for further tests.